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My name is Rotimi Osunbunmi (Rotimi Oceans). I am an accomplished Digital Marketing Strategist, Business Manager, and Pinterest Marketing Expert based in Ibadan, NiG; I currently manage – 

rotimioceans.com” is the “Digital Media Brand” that evolved from “ROCEANS DiGital Media”  The change of brand name was promptly followed by a complete restructuring, which saw ROCEANS DiGital transform from a Full Service Digital Agency into a Remote IT Solutions Brand!

RotimiOceans.com is the place to talk about Lifestyle topics and side hustle projects that turn into full-time incomes that create life-changing assets.

With 17+ years of online marketing experience, bespoke digital marketing services, and several website and digital channel sales under our belt.

We share what is working (and not working) today. No matter where you live or what your goals are, Rotimioceans.com can help.

With the help of my team of expert writers, the blog focus has expanded into other lifestyle topics and healthy living-related subjects while maintaining the high quality you all have become accustomed to.


Our Services

We offer the following free and premium services : 

A Reader Rewards Planwhere registered members/readers earn points through interacting with our latest in-depth articles/trends, comments, Likes, and shares of our posts, and start earning points, which can be converted to cash!

Website Brokerage Service : (Buying and selling online businesses such as earning websites, starter websites, website and e-commerce site setup AdSense accounts, Adsense verification (Identity, Address pin & taxes), other ads network accounts, Social channels, YouTube channels, Facebook pages & groups, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter(X), Linkedin, and everything else that have been thoroughly vetted.

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We also provide digital advertising gigs like paid traffic campaigns (Google Adwords/Facebook/Native traffic, web traffic packages, social media channel followers/engagement metrics(likes, shares).

Bespoke Pinterest organic promotion, Pinterest Ads marketing services/Pin creation, and Scheduling services.

Guest posts, citations and link-building packages on High DA websites, Expired domains, 301 redirect setups, reputation management for high network individuals/organizations, adult content removal service, traffic banking setup and optimization services, theme, courses, and web tool packages for reduced price!

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There is a “dedicated section” for free forex trading signals, free forex education, Recommended Props Firms, and Copy trading from proven forex traders.

Free Sports odds, Brokers, Premium investment advice, stocks/bonds/securities/investment apps, and investment advice/forecasts from expert traders.

Free Real estate and Property Listing and sales (Ibadan, Lagos, Nigeria, Worldwide).

My work as a cutting-edge Pinterest Marketing Strategist has helped multiple businesses skyrocket their website traffic and conversions. 

I have helped eCommerce sellers, bloggers, professional organizers, podcasters, and coaches grow their businesses, which has resulted in thousands of email sign-ups and thousands of dollars in sales using my proven Pinterest strategies.

I consult for “Kaybest Travel Services,” An Award-winning travel consultancy that offers 

  • Flight Ticketing, Hotel Reservation,
  • Study Abroad Packages, Visa Assistance,
  • Tour Packages, Airport Transfers,
  • Travel Insurance, Travel Consultation,
  • Assistance with international passports,
  • yellow cards, NINs, COVID-19 tests, and vaccines.


Rotimi Oceans has a deep interest or some level of expertise in the following subject matter: 


| Startup Experience | Digital Publishing | Digital Advertising | Entrepreneurship | Employee Relations and Engagement | Business Management | Digital Marketing | Blogging | Data Analytics | Copywriting | Content Audit | Content Strategy | Content Marketing | Keyword Research |  Local SEO |  Technical SEO | Content Editing | Content Curation | Video Editing | Social Media Marketing | Social Media Management | Growth Hacking | Facebook Advertising | Pinterest Management | Native Advertising | Traffic Banking | Business Administration | Travel Consulting | History | Art & Culture | Ancient civilization,| International relations | Agric Economics | Marketing Automation | Physcology | Consulting/Training | Dog Breeding | Livestock Farming | Organic Farming | Real Estate | Automobiles |


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Rotimi Oceans is a Certified Digital Marketing Strategist, Business Manager, and Pinterest Marketing Expert who shares no-fluff lifestyle tips that bring real results. He’s been helping content creators and entrepreneurs increase their website traffic and online income for the past 17 years when He first founded RotimiOceans.com.