How I get 100,000 Monthly Pageviews Monthly (100K Blog Traffic)


100K Blog Traffic!

Last week, on my Instagram stories, I asked my followers – what is your biggest challenge in blogging?

I know many bloggers have so many other blogging challenges, but it was so funny that everyone who responded to the Instagram story said blog traffic.

After I went through all the responses, I knew that the best way to treat and address that challenge was to write an entire blog post.

This is so that I can say everything I want and get other people not on my Instagram to read this too.

I understand blog traffic is one thing many bloggers battle with for a very long time, and I must tell you, it’s worth the craze. I see people do desperate things to get people to visit their blogs.

The most annoying of those things is using clickbait to get them to read trash on the blog.

These click baits are often on trendy topics that people are searching for. Ultimately, they lose people who would have stuck with them forever.

How’s that for traffic, though? Yes, the surge, but after then?

You don’t have to dig too deep to understand the fuss. More traffic equals more money, fulfillment as a Blogger, followers, collaborations, and sponsorships. I mean, blog traffic is definitely a success metric for any Blogger.

It doesn’t matter if you are a hobby blogger; more traffic means that people see you, hear you, are interested in what you say, and like it.

So, yes, traffic fuss is worth it, but how do you get this blog traffic? , After all, you might as well go back to what you used to do before blogging if no one is reading it.

I will share with you all what I do to get more than 100K page views on my blog monthly. You may not like some of what I will say, but I hope you see beyond this and are ready to make your blog work because it is your own blog.

Alright, let’s get to it.

How I get 100K blog traffic monthly

I am consistent!

If you notice, I did not say I blog, share my articles, or write consistently; I said I am consistent. Why?

It is because this is a very personal resolve. If you become a consistent person, it will affect every single area of your blogging career and your life.
Doubt me? Try it!

Recently, there is a new venture that I just started with a couple of people, many of whom are Bloggers and social media influencers. You need a lot of training, reading, and practice to succeed.

Many of them, I know personally. If you are by chance reading this blog post, this is not a shade; this is just the only way I can highlight this truth, no other way. I can’t come to tell you this; I would instead share it with others, citing this as an example.

So, they began to complain after a month. Because I know many of them personally, they could be more consistent even on their blogs and social media.

They are sloppy about it. So, when they also began to complain about this new venture, I knew instantly – they have consistency issues.

How I get 100K blog traffic monthly - Consistent Blogging

If they were consistent, for example, they would wake up every day to read about it, check out other people, use the resources they are given, and be determined to make it work.

We have a group on Facebook where resources are even dropped; they do not check! How much more getting things started on their own?

Unfortunately, no one can do the work for you; you have to do the work by yourself, quite simply. People can motivate and push you, but because they have also got their own sh*t, they won’t be able to do that forever.

If you will complain about anything, be sure you have given it your best shot. Else, no one wants to hear you whine, not especially in the age of the internet and YouTube.

So, back to the core of what we are expounding on – consistency. You must be consistent to make it as a Blogger or anything else. I would also like to mention that something has to fuel consistency.

It might be your end goal, dream, mission, or something. Because if you don’t have an end in sight, it might be challenging to stay consistent.

Something has to keep you going when the traffic isn’t rolling in just yet when no one is commenting yet, when no one is sharing your blog posts or even talking about you when no money is coming in to compensate for all the hard work you are consistently putting in.

It might be the need to be finally seen, the need to make a good income, the need to become influential on the internet, or the need to educate a set of people on something. So, look for your why.

I tell new Bloggers to look for their way and their purpose.

It doesn’t matter if your why is to be financially dependent or be able to quit your full-time job; it is something because until you reach your goals, you are not stopping. This can positively affect your consistency.

These are a few things I am consistent with on my blog, and I have been rewarded for:

I consistently write blog posts

For now, I blog every single day, and this is because it is my primary job. When I fall short, I end up with 4-5 blog posts weekly.

I do not say that this is the exact routine you must follow because, to be honest, I know we all run different schedules and routines, but even when I was full-time, it was no different; I used to blog 5-6 times every single week.

I consistently write blog posts

I had an end goal, remember? Mine was that I wanted to have my own audience to share thoughts, lessons, and stuff with.

I also wanted to become financially independent and have a share of influence in the blogging sphere, so when earning just 30,000 Naira monthly from my blog, I knew I could do better.

When I began to earn 100,000 Naira per month, I knew, oh well, this is awesome, but not enough to stop 9-5 for.

I scaled up to much more than that, and I finally thought, okay, let’s do this, and it’s been progressively increasing ever since.

How do I get what to write about every time?

I am very present in my environment. I am particular about what is happening around me and what I can gain, share, or laugh about.

Even if I do not write on it immediately, I pen this down on my notepad and return to develop it later.

I also get inspiration from what other Bloggers are writing.

Sometimes I find these topic ideas on Pinterest, Mix, Bloglovin, or Feedly.

You should refer to my blog post about ways to ensure a constant flow of blog post ideas.

During keyword research (to know what people are searching for on the internet), I stumble on topics that go well with my blog’s theme and general vibe and pen them down.

I have a truckload of topics to write on; I am never stranded. In fact, the major challenge is which of them to pick and write on first.

I consistently share these blog posts

I share on social media, I share in chat rooms. I talk about my blog at every legit and reasonable opportunity I have to talk about it. I treat my blog as an extension of me and am consistent about sharing it.

My blog pops up in some of my day-to-day conversations. Because I try to write quality, valuable, and very informative blog posts as much as possible, I can confidently ask anyone to check my blog for more info on a subject matter I have written on.

I consistently learn every day

Blogging is an exciting field that evolves every time. New things spring up every day, and these things may not only be for WordPress or Blogger in particular but for all the channels involved in blogging generally.

It might be a new/better way to write, a newer social platform to consider, or a better way to do anything.

Now that I have been able to clear one of the most important pillars of getting enough blog traffic, I can move on to the other practical things that I do, and you need to do to get that much traffic on your blog monthly.

I optimize my blog and blog posts for search engines

If you are not doing search engine optimization for your blog, it is time to begin to look into that right away because, with SEO, the possibilities are endless.

It is such a very wide topic that this blog post will not do proper justice to it. I will highlight the most important things you should be looking at and share my process with you.

I also want to mention here that not all my blog posts are strictly search engine optimized. It is true that some of the posts I didn’t even write solely to rank eventually rank, but I would say 1 in 2 of my posts is written for ranking.

Sometimes I just want to talk about my hair ribbon and, as such, would not start with keyword research because I just want to talk. You probably can’t SEO a bad experience you had in a Lagos danfo bus, can you? 

I think that this is the part where you should read this blog post – SEO is killing your blog. 

It shares so much of what I think of search engine optimization for Bloggers.

Below are 3 major pillars to consider for SEO as a Blogger in search of blog traffic:

On-site SEO – this has to do with what you do on your site to optimize it for search engines. It mostly involves optimizing your blog content.

Off-site SEO this is the process of optimizing your blog off your blog. It means you are optimizing your blog using other channels that are not your blog, e.g., other blogs, social media, etc.

Technical SEO is a backend setup to ensure your blog is in good shape, ready to be seen by search engines, and is technically optimized enough to let other optimizations work.

Tips to Get 100k Plus Traffic on Your Website


My SEO Process

Remember, I said that not all of my blog posts are SEO optimized, but the ones that are, follow the same process.

Sometimes, along the line, I begin to write on something without the hope of optimizing intentionally for search engines, but along the line, I go check the internet and realize that it is gold to mine.

On-site SEO – this has to do with what you do on your site to optimize it for search engines. It mostly involves optimizing your blog content.

This SEO process also primarily focuses on on-site optimization. The other optimization methods will not be covered in this scope as they will be too bulky and overwhelming. You can check a fuller version here.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a very elaborate process and the most important step in content SEO.  

If you wonder why you are ranking on page one on Google or even on the spot and not getting any blog traffic, your keyword research is faulty.

If I were to summarize in a sentence – the best keywords have low competition and high search volume.

Of course, many keywords will fall between these extremes, but you already know what to expect and can effectively predict the result.

So, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter that on your Yoast plugin, you have a green double tick or that you are ranking as number one, the real question is- are people looking for what you have just written? 

If they are looking for it, how many people have written on that keyword?

 How many of those sites are high authority sites?

These are the things you should instead be considering. There are so many keywords that are hidden diamonds. People are searching for them, yet no one is writing about them.

 You have to be diligent enough to find them because keyword research is where the bulk of your work is, and if you nail this, you might get away with not implementing the other best content SEO practices.

Brainstorm topic ideas

What is that thing you want to write about? If unsure, you can look into what Bloggers in your space have written on and ranked for. 

A good tool I use is SEMRush, but recently, I have tilted towards Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest because it is free.

So I just type in a blog with a Domain authority not too far from mine. 

Here is the catch, if they could rank for it, there is a very high possibility of me ranking for it too.

Then I go to the full list of keywords they are ranking for. 

I then streamline by picking the ones that fit my theme and go with my general blogging voice.

After picking these titles, I run each one of them to be sure of whether they are worth the stress or not. 

This is the point where you stop to go and install the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension if you have not already done so.

With Keywords Everywhere, you can find the volume, level of competition, and CPC of the keywords you are researching. I searched the proposed keyword on Google and assessed it.7

First – I check the volume. What shows up is the monthly volume. Now, this is very subjective. It all depends on you, but I personally like to stress over a volume of 1,000 above. Anything less than that, and I am off.

Second – check how many results Google pulls up. Like I usually say, different strokes for different people, but I prefer less than 1 million results. At most, 3 million.

Third – I check the kind of blogs that have been written on it. This is the point where you are to stop to install the MOZ toolbar. 

When you install Moz on your Google Chrome browser, it brings out an extra horizontal bar after each search results to show you the Domain authority of all the sites that have been written on it.

If you have sites with a DA that are mostly more than yours, you might want to check to what degree and assess how many of them. You want sites that have DA very similar to yours.

How to do proper keyword research

Important things to Note When Picking Keywords

1. Pick More Local than Global keywords

Of course, you can write on any keyword you want after doing proper keyword research, but it is smart to go for keywords that are more particular to your country and locality than worldwide.

For example, I would rather write on “Dudu Osun black soap” than “Jergens lotion” because Dudu Osun is more Nigerian than worldwide.

People all over the world are writing about Jergens’s lotion.

The same thing goes for movies. It is better to pick Nollywood than Hollywood because people from all over the world are going to be watching, writing, tweeting, and Instagramming the Hollywood movie. At the same time, you have people within your own space writing on Nollywood.

If you are a Canadian, the same goes for you too. Pick keywords in your space; the fewer people are talking about it, the better.

2. Do not put your eggs in trendy keywords

Okay, you can write on trendy keywords if you want to, really. For example, movies are trendy, and I write about them, but I am asking you to count the cost of your time here.

I can write on trendy keywords now because I have timeless keywords that bring some of the traffic I can balance.

If the trendy keywords are shortlived, I have, and I am still working on timeless keywords, so I can afford one or two additions here and there as I wish.

But I want to suggest if you are trying to build your SEO traffic, you want to make sure that you are first of all investing all of your time and energy on timeless keywords, keywords that won’t go anytime soon, keywords that people will forever look for, come 2070.

You will not wait 2 weeks for a blog post to rank, after which people stop searching for it. Waste of time!

Content curation

This is the next step after keyword research. I might not be able to go through the steps involved in content curation one after the other.

I recommend reading this blog post on on-site SEO for Bloggers.

In it, I explain in great detail every single step you need to take when and after you are done writing your SEO blog post.

Now, during content curation, I want you to bear these things in mind:

1. Your post is going to be 10 times better than the posts ranking on spots 1 to 3. 

This means longer and more meaningful word length, additional resources, media, infographics, and more helpful points. You are to go the extra mile. 

Nobody has time for shallow content anymore. Be extremely helpful. They can’t ignore it.

2. Do not optimize for just one keyword. Never ever do this. It is like a waste of time and effort. So, what you want to do is optimize for the major keyword and also for all the long tail keywords that the keyword is associated with.

I will explain.

Say, for example, you want to write on “blog traffic” (do not try this, please; it may be too competitive for you to write on for now), and you have other long tail keywords associated with this keyword.

Long tail keywords are phrases that are much longer and more specific.

So, for “blog traffic” as a keyword, we would be looking at: “blog traffic tactics, how to increase blog traffic for free, how to increase blog traffic fast, free blog traffic generator, generating blog traffic, how to grow blog traffic, increase blog traffic in 2019, tricks to increase blog traffic.”

You can get this using the “related searches” segment at the bottom of your Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS) or by the side of your result pages using Keywords Everywhere.

You want to ensure that these long-tail keywords appear liberally and meaningfully in your blog post. This is so that even if you do not rank for the main keyword you are going for, you will rank for the other keywords. Even if you rank for the keywords, you want to ensure you are milking all of the keyword’s potential.

If you are using WordPress, a good way to ensure you have optimized for as many keywords as possible is to take turns putting each of these keywords into the Yoast focus keyword box to see the optimization level and what you can do better.

If you do not have Yoast Plugin installed on your blog, now is the time to do so.

Other SEO tactics to help to increase your blog traffic

I hope you are completely done with reading how to write your SEO blog post step by step. If you are not, you should do that before you continue reading this post.

Reoptimize blog posts for hidden keywords.

After you have written your blog post and it has begun to rank on Google, you will realize that there are some long-tail keywords that you can milk from.

This is how to find them out.

Sign up on Google Search Console, also known as Google Webmasters. It may take a while (say, a week) for your ranking keywords to populate. You will have to wait it out. If you already have signed up for the Google Search Console, perfect!

I will be using the new search console here. On your dashboard, click ‘performance’ and then ‘open report.’

You have a total of 1000 keywords that will be shown to you. These are the most relevant keywords that are ranking.

Also, you have a very limited number of rows per page, so you want to increase it to 500 rows (keywords) per page.

Now you have to toggle only twice between pages to see all the keyword phrases people are typing to find your blog. You can also export it into an Excel file to see everything simultaneously.

Here, some keywords bring you good impressions but low clicks. Even if the impressions are low, it is a pointer that if you add this keyword to your blog post in other meaningful places, you can do well on them too.

Domain Authority
I recently bought a content site (DR 17). It was my third and smallest acquisition so far,

One thing I noticed before buying the interesting site was that it was ranking for ZERO featured snippets despite the content being crafted in a way that usually would win featured snippets.

So I thought that it likely could easily boost the traffic and win some snippets when I merged it into my higher authority site (DR 59).

I was right.

I merged it a couple of weeks ago, and the same articles on my domain are ranking for the featured snippet for several hundred different keywords. From ZERO!

Just by changing what domain the articles are hosted on. I did not make any changes to the content.

So yes, Domain Authority is real, and Google trusts some sites more than others. It isn’t all about the content. And this isn’t the first time. I’ve seen boosts in ranking for the previous two acquisitions as well.


I took Pinterest seriously

Alright, Pinterest!

Pinterest has been such a good one for me regarding blog traffic. I am so glad that I decided to take it seriously. It happened when I asked people on my Instagram (seriously, you should follow me on Instagram) what their major blog traffic source was.

A few people talked about Pinterest. Even though Helene Sula and Melyssa Griffin always talked about Pinterest, I still didn’t vibe with it. Until Ilham of Finding Beautiful decided to walk me through it. I am so glad that the day finally came.

She took me through Pinterest step by step, and it was amazing! I took a lot more other courses, but I must tell you the beginner walkthrough was what I needed to get started.

Before Pinterest, I only had around 78K – 100K blog traffic monthly, it always fluctuated, but ever since I dived in on Pinterest, it has been consistently well above 100K monthly blog traffic, last month being 188K.

Just like SEO, there are many things for you to understand with Pinterest to begin to get blog traffic from it, but I will walk you through what you need to do right away to set yourself up.

How to get started with Pinterest for blog traffic
1. Sign up with Pinterest (business account)
Go to and sign up. If you already have a personal account on Pinterest, just upgrade to a business account; it’s free.
2. Claim your website on Pinterest.
3. Apply for rich pins
4. Create your boards and begin to populate them with pins.
5. Design your own pins and post.

In my article on how I hit 1 million monthly views on Pinterest, I give a detailed account of how I use Pinterest to drive massive blog traffic.

To be candid, Pinterest is the only social platform (even though it is a search engine in reality) that drives me so much traffic.

Other channels like Facebook and Instagram drive traffic to my blog in trickles.

I comment on blogs and network with other Bloggers

Commenting on blogs brings you rewards that are much more than traffic. A lot of people also use this method to get blog traffic. You will ride on the back of another Blogger with many audiences, so identify them.

This strategy brings you blog visibility – to the blog owner and its readers.

You can network with bloggers and, at the same time, build relationships with them.

This traffic you can usually see in your ‘referral traffic’ on Google Analytics. You really need to install Google Analytics if you do not have this.

I am, however, going to teach you hacks to help you gain a lot of blog traffic by commenting on the blog posts of other bloggers. You see, apart from these other benefits, it helps your SEO, and if you do it the right way, I tell you, you might be setting yourself up for a really good time.

I comment on blogs and network with other Bloggers

How to comment on other Blogs for blog traffic.

I know that this might sound sneaky, but there is not a lot of time to waste on blog commenting so you need to get the hacks. Actually, if you see a blog post that you like, by all means, comment but if you are doing this to get blog traffic, please be smart about this.

1. Comment on the most popular posts

If any Blogger has a segment highlighting their most popular posts, perfect! This is your gold mine. Look for the one on which you have written an article similar to.

Even if it is not particularly similar, you can link to your blog post somehow, by all means.

Commenting on the most popular posts will ensure that you are seen because these are posts that people troop in to read daily. You can take this a step further by commenting on the posts that they have highlighted by their sidebars.

Be strategic about this. Don’t do this on low-traffic blogs. Also, do this on blogs that are very similar to yours. Blogs that when a reader from in there clicks on your blog post, they find it very relevant, and they can stay on yours as well. You are leveraging the popular Blogger’s audience.

2. Comment to assert the writer first

So, yes, you need blog traffic but there is such a thing as social intelligence. You don’t want to look spammy; simultaneously, you want to ensure that the blog owner is happy enough even to approve your comment and respond to it.

So, what is the blog post about? Mention that it was very helpful, then proceed and be specific.

Why was it helpful? Be specific about it like someone who has indeed read it. Is it their writing style, something they explained you have experienced before, or a bright opinion about an issue? Be specific.

3. Provide value

Then go ahead and say a few things in the way of contributing meaningfully. Write something you think the blog writer missed out as an addition to the blog post or expound on a point that the writer has made while you credit them in the process.

Starters for this section of the comment can go like this:

-just as you have mentioned

-As you said

-in addition to what you said in…

4. Link to your own blog post

Or blog as a whole. This is where you now mention that you have a cool blog post that you want the blog owner to check.

In this case, you ask the blog owner to check it, not their readers.

This is because you want to put all of your attention on them and give them all the glory. By doing so, others will follow suit. Heck, the blog owner may even recommend you. The best part is when they do this in another blog post. You are in for a treat.

Please be sure you are linking all of these people to something powerful enough to hold them down. Else I have to inform you that you are wasting your time.

Your first shot has to be on point!

In addition, put your link in the link space provided in the blog section.

This is so that even if the Blogger moderates away your blog link, you still have something for people to check you out on.

Your comment had better be awesome and selfless. Please do not let your blog comment exceed three paragraphs; that’s just being extra.

And, of course, I talk about my blog

Whenever necessary and appropriate, I talk about my blog, share my posts, and generally mention that I am a Lifestyle Blogger.

You, however, have to be careful about this. The reason why people disdain your blog promotion tactic might be that you are too aggressive and irrelevant.

This is not the image you want to build for your blog while looking for blog traffic.

I share my blog posts on my WhatsApp status, which doesn’t bring me as much traffic but reminds them that I am a Blogger. If you follow me on Whatsapp, you will realize that I share only a third or even a fourth of all of my blog posts.

I like to share what’s relevant to the general viewership. Also, in discussions where you can slip it in, you can mention your blog and make them check it out.

You have to be socially intelligent about this.

I do not want to overwhelm this blog post on how you should go about talking about your blog, but if this is something that you want me to talk about, I will prepare a separate blog post.

You see, the good thing about one-on-one advertising is that it increases direct traffic because they go into their browsers to directly type in your blog address or search for you on Google.

This is a good signal to Google that people are in search of you, and if you have a decent number of this kind of traffic steadily flowing in every month, your rankings will go up, trust me.

This is why popular people have a natural ranking boost even without trying to do SEO.

If they are popular on other social platforms, for example, a lot of people begin to search for them. Google, in turn, views these people much more than Bloggers, but as an entire brand, they should look out for it since it seems that their own customers (Google users) like them.

How I get 100K blog traffic monthly

Hire A Virtual Assitant To Speed Up Repetitive Tasks

Hiring Virtual Assistants will amplify your traffic generation effort tremendously; that has been my experience. My Virtual Assistants have been doing a bunch of other stuff for me, including:

  • Checking existing content for errors (grammar, out-of-stock products, etc)
  • Posting new content on a WordPress site
  • Finding and uploading images
  • Posting YouTube content (scheduling videos, filling in descriptions, etc)
  • Managing affiliate links (mainly in Genius)
  • Fixing stuff on the website (e.g. adding image ALT text)
  • Deleting old website posts
  • Keeping records up to date
  • Working on managing social media content


Well, this is it! This is how I have consistently generated 100K+ blog page views monthly. I know that this might seem like a lot to consume right now, so you can just bookmark this page and come back to read it bit by bit.

If you have questions, you can ask them in the comments section, I will happily respond to them. Also, if you would like to contact me privately for any other thing, you can send me a message via the contact page

You can also let me know if you have any other blog topics you want me to write on.

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